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In 1981 Peter Herrera joined with Kim Parker in founding Kim Parker Plantscapes. Part of their Mission Statement was to use sub-irrigation technology to benefit, not only the interior plants they maintained, but the environment we live in. It was their desire to extend the plant maintenance interval from 7 days to 14 days -even 21 days, with no harm to the plants. This concept made a huge difference in their bottom line, as well as less vehicle overhead and less plant replacements. They experimented with several projects, some that were watertight and some that were not.

Then in 1986, after severe water damage to an oak floor, Peter realized the industry could use a positive method of waterproofing planters. With some research and development NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners became a reality and have proven to be the easiest, least time consuming to install, safest and cheapest insurance you can buy against water damage from your plants/planters.

In 1998 Peter was inducted into the California Interior Plantscape Association (CIPA), now the Plantscape Institute of America (PIA), Hall of Fame.

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