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The NoSweat!™ Guarantee
All seams are guaranteed for three years or your money back.
Damage can occur in shipping;  carefully visually inspect liners for damage upon receiving.  A water test is also recommended prior to installation.  If the liner is damaged in shipping the guarantee is void and we must be notified within 24 hours of receiving so that a replacement can be sent.  Damage should be reported to the shipper as well.

Standard NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners Specifications and Pricing
     Model Number        Top        Height        Base      Qty/Case       Price/Case        Qty/Pack    Price/Pack
LN-0806         7.9         5.5          5.5           60            $182.21            16      $55.54
LN-1108        11.0        7.9          7.9           40            $167.18            12      $55.54
LN-1310        13.4        9.8          9.1           35            $185.25              9      $57.13
LN-1611        15.8      11.0         11.0          30            $170.94              8      $54.68
LN-1813        18.5      12.6         12.2          25            $173.57              7      $54.68
LN-2216        21.7      15.8         15.0          20            $182.31              6      $61.52

Classic Clear Bag NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners Sizes and Pricing
Model Number          Price
NS0608          $9.57 each
NS1012          $15.17 each
NS1416          $19.06 each
NS1820          $32.92 each
NS2426          $37.72 each
NS2830          $40.01 each
NS3234          $55.75 each

Standard NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners

Classic NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners
Custom NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners
Custom Liners are available and are designed to fit into built-in and on structure planters to eliminate unsightly and costly water damage to floors, floor coverings, walls and furniture.  Please contact us for pricing.

Custom NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners
Shipping Information
Items are generally shipped within 7-10 business days of ordering.
Custom orders take longer but generally ship within two weeks of ordering.
Shipping charges are calculated in real time and packaging is added to the final cost.  Some items MUST ship in separate boxes and costs are calculated accordingly.  Please note that some LARGE orders or Custom orders may incur Oversize Package shipping charges.
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