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The NoSweat!™ Guarantee
All seams are guaranteed for three years or your money back.
Damage can occur in shipping; carefully visually inspect liners for damage upon receiving.  A water test is also recommended prior to installation.  If the liner is damaged in shipping the guarantee is void and we must be notified within 24 hours of receiving so that a replacement can be sent.  Damage should be reported to the shipper as well.

                    Standard NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners         Classic NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners             Custom NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners
NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners & Installation Procedures
Standard NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners:  Just place right in your decorative cylinder planter pot.
When using for Caryotis Palms the manufacturer recommends "up potting" at least two sizes from growing container and the use of two liners per plant.

Classic NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners:  Just place right in your decorative container, adhere to top with double-sided tape and cut away the excess.

Custom NoSweat!™ Waterproof Liners:  Before ordering, measure each planter.  NoSweat!™ Liners are constructed to the specification you provide.  Do not rely on the architectural drawings as changes may occur during construction.
-Identify each corner on drawing with a letter. Measure each side and cross measurement
-Inspect planter
-If using drain rock use only round rock, no sharp or pointed aggregate is acceptable as this may damage/puncture the liner.
-Below the liner, create a low spot for water collection and siphoning.
-Remove all foreign material from planter.  Clean and abrade all surfaces to receive adhesive.
-Remove all sharp edges, etc. found during inspection.
-Backfill planter with appropriate material.
-Use previous measurements and cut NoSweat!™ Loc-in clamp to fit each side.
-Install clamp with one of the following:
     -For Wood or Metal substrate: 1" 8d ring shank nail (pre-drill clamp 12-16" O.C.) or 1" #10 pan head sheet metal screw, pre-drill 12-16" O.C
     -For Concrete substrate: Apply epoxy to clean surface where clamp will be affixed
-Mark planter at desired level on all sides so liner will hang square.
-If using epoxy, apply in a serpentine bead on back of clamp and place. During cure hold clamp in place with duct tape.
-If using nails or screws, mark level as above
-Install liner
-Apply corner "A" of liner to corner "A" of planter and so on. Make sure to smooth wrinkles with clean hands as you go around liner.

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